Learn How To

Keep Your Data in Your Home

Safely store your data in your home and securely access it with any of your trusted devices.

Install the infrastructure and a fully-integrated suite of free and open-source

software products in less than an hour. No experience necessary.

End-To-End Encryption (E2EE)

Security and Data Privacy Come First

Multiple layers of encryption – WireGuard® for the outer layer, and an internal certificate issuing authority using OpenSSL and Caddy® inside your private network (VPN). No open ports on your router, while keeping the data separate from the access point(s). For more fine-grained control, user-based authorization and authentication is handled by Authelia.

Create Secure Private Networks

Connect with Family and Friends

Invite other home servers to host on your network and share files, photos,

messages, video conference sessions, web sites, etc. Setup the

connection with a simple and streamlined exchange that

utilizes proper Public-Key Cryptography practices.

Professional Support

If you have a question, just ask.

Need help/support? Have a question or feature request? Get a professional support membership to obtain answers to your questions. New subscription prices may increase over time for new members. However, you will always renew at your original purchase price.

Multitude of Use Cases

For what suits you

Free Software and Free Tutorials

What’s the Catch?

This passion project is inspired by the need for a safe and reliable alternative

to centralized platforms and services. The primary goals are to educate,

contribute to and support the open source community as well as

promote a decentralized web.